AUTP seminar series – Dec 2019

Welcome to the next edition of the AUTP seminar series. This time we will be in Leeds!

Location – St Georges Centre, St Georges Rd, Leeds LS10 4UZ

Check out our fantastic line up! The president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists is going to be sharing her experience in medical education by sharing stories from her journey from junior doctor to head of training in Yorkshire and to the lofty heights of president!

This conference will give you the chance to her from our prospective scholars and help decide who will be awarded one of our coveted prizes

If you would simply like to attend our conference as a delegate we would love you see you. The day will be packed with inspirational speakers as well joining in on our educational workshops.

There are 3 options regarding sign up to this conference. Refreshments will be included on the day

  • You can make a one off payment of £20 to attend this single conference (below).
  • You can become a member at the cost of £10 per year and attend all of our conferences for free!
  • If you are already a member simply email us and let us know that you will be attending

We look forward to seeing you there. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information

AUTP trainee Conference Feb 2019

On the 1 February 19, The AUTP held our second conference in Derby. This conference built upon the successful relaunch of the AUTP and was developed as part of our conference series.

It was great to meet so many new faces and see the enthusiasm within the room. It was also exciting to have not just psychiatrists, but exam actors, medical nursing educationalists, nursing colleagues and occupational therapists as part of the conference. This is the start of making the AUTP the home for any professional, with an interest in psychiatric medical education, providing conferences, education, a place to share ideas and network. It was really exciting to start putting this into practice!

The first speaker was the influential Prof Femi Oyebode, professor of psychiatry at Birmingham University and author of Sims’ Symptoms in the Mind. He shared his personal journey of his career in medical education, and thoughts about what he wished he had known. He gave very interesting insights into the history and developments of teaching structures e.g. workplace-based placements and now established formal educational roles for doctors. It was fascinating to hear how much change there has been in the last few decades.

Following Prof Oyebode, we were lucky to hear from Dr Hamid Alhaj. Dr Alhaj is a consultant psychiatrist, director of medical education in Sheffield and also the Director of  Research for the National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care. He gave us an excellent talk on the importance of medical leadership and how this interacts with medical education.

Finally, before lunch, the Purple List gave us a performance of their widely acclaimed play, “A gay dementia venture”. Apart from being incredibly thought provoking and hard hitting, it is a unique example of bringing theatre into medical education, as HYMS have done. This truly innovative new teaching method has received brilliant feedback from medical students.

After lunch, one of our prestigious AUTP scholars, Dr Emma Brooks, presented her progress and questions around her project on running simulation sessions for psychiatric emergency teaching. This stimulated lots of interesting discussion, ideas and feedback from the room, including thoughts on use of video simulation and patients with lived experience. It was great to hear this update and on how the project is taking form!

Surg Lt Cdr Luke Baker then led a session on what the delegates want from the AUTP as we develop the charity and continue the relaunch. This was a great session generating plenty of enthusiasm and new ideas including: suggestions for engagement; methods of sharing good practice e.g. displaying posters at conferences; saving a stand at Congress; and linking with other organisations; to name a few! We will certainly be taking these forward!

The final session before the AGM, was small group workshops on how different groups can be used to teach in psychiatry. The groups were medical students, doctors, allied health professionals and patients. Each small group discussed the pros and cons, and then presented their thoughts to the rest of the conference in the form of a 5-minute teaching session. We enjoyed watching one group put across their discussion points in the form of role play! The session led to a really interesting and lively discussion.

We received some initial feedback about what delegates took away and enjoyed the most…

“Huge passion for education of all health professionals”

“Networking and learning from others and the Purple List!”

“Everyone joining in – lively debate”

We are busy working on the next conference for May or June, so please send us any suggestions and keep checking this website for more information!

My education journey

By Frankie Anderson, Academic Lead for the AUTP Trainees

My medical education journey started as a F1, as a newly qualified doctor from  Nottingham Med School. I’ve always thought that I would enjoy teaching and I was lucky enough to be picked for their Feedback Orientated Observed Teaching  (FOOT) Scheme. This was my first foray into Medical Education and involved teaching fifth year medical students for their OSCE finals, once a week for a set period of time. Through this I discovered a real love and passion for teaching and completed the Teaching Improvement Programme (TIPS) and Teaching and Assessing Clinical Skills (TACS) Course, also at Nottingham.

By this point, I was moving to Core Medical Training in South Yorkshire where I was teaching adhoc to med students on the ward and I also helped to organise a mock PACES exam. I tried to get experience in as many different types of teaching, with different students, at all levels. 

As a full time CT2, I started the MSc in Medical Education at University College London /Royal College of Physicians and continued teaching simulation teaching at Nottingham, alongside my ward based work. 

After moving to Oxford to start Rehabilitation Medicine as a SPR, I started to become more interested in Medical Education Theory which corresponded with my progression in my MSc. I developed a real interest in how students learn to develop as doctors as their careers progress and how teaching can fit into this.  

After moving to Psychiatry in London, I have been involved in multiple undergraduate teaching programmes: The Psychiatry Early Experience Programme (PEEP), Extreme Psychiatry, PsychEdUp, and now the AUTP Trainees Committee. 

I haven’t perhaps had the most straightforward trajectory but that has exposed me to so much and that’s really improved me as a teacher. I hope the future brings more opportunities and more learning experiences, with time to crystallise what I learnt. 

  • My advice would be: 
    1. Never stop learning. Different theories, new technology, and students will make you challenge your own thoughts and ideas. Be open to this. 
    2. Don’t be afraid to carve out your own opportunities. Different medical schools have different ethoses.  What can seem a barren landscape in terms of Medical Education, with enthusiasm and like-minded people, can really flourish 
    3. Keep the student and the patient at the heart of whatever you teach.

Upcoming Conference. 1st Feb 2019

1st February. Royal Derby Hospital.
Our next conference is set to be held at Royal Derby Hospital on the 1st February. You can attend for the entire day for a mere £20!

On the day you will be able to attend key note sessions by enthusiastic and experienced educators. You will also be able to join workshops and explore the topic of medical education.

Our trainee members will be at hand to help with any help and advice around your educational innovations. You will also have the chance to meet our prize winning scholars who will present their projects and share their experiences.

You can sign up to our conference sign here:

Or here

Or you can become an AUTP member and attend for free!! Click here for more details

Here is a sneak peek at our line up on the day


Here are few great feedback comments we received at our previous conference

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