Seminar series Dec 2019

Scholarships and train journeys galore!

The end of year seminar was held in Leeds. Delagates from all over the UK attended to take part in our educational sessions and also to pitch their ideas for the annual AUTP Trainees Scholarship prize.

Psyched Up came to share their experiences of teaching. They told us about their communication skills programme and how they are able to improve the experiences of medical students whilst working in mental health

We were treated to a session on coaching by the Director of AO coaching Anthoney Owens. Anthony works with people from a number of sectors but also has a great deal of expertise in the health sector.

We were also very lucky to have Prof Wendy Burn come along to share her experience of teaching throughout her career. We learned about how she got into teaching and the positive changes she has brought about. Her take up message to us was to ‘be kind’ to those around you as this creates a better working and learning environment.

The scholarship competition was fierce. All of the candidates who were chosen to present their projects gave well thought out presentations. All projects presented were innovative and showed a great commitment to mental health. We wanted to award a prize to all the candidates. Unfortunately we were only able to choose 5. The winners were,

AUTP Summer Conference

The AUTP trainee team are giving you yet another chance to attend one of our ever popular conferences.

Date 31 May 19

Location Kings College London

Come along and join us for our summer conference. We have a great line up planned. In the morning you will hear from some inspirational educators and have the chance to meet and chat to them about your teaching experiences. They will also be on hand for any advice

During the afternoon session you will have the opportunity to join our workshops and learn about your teaching style. The AUTP trainees team will also be on hand to help in any way they can.

There are 3 options regarding sign up to this conference. Refreshments will be included on the day

  • You can make a one off payment of £20 to attend this single conference (below).
  • You can become a member at the cost of £10 per year and attend all of our conferences for free!
  • If you are already a member simply email us and let us know that you will be attending

AUTP trainee Conference Feb 2019

On the 1 February 19, The AUTP held our second conference in Derby. This conference built upon the successful relaunch of the AUTP and was developed as part of our conference series.

It was great to meet so many new faces and see the enthusiasm within the room. It was also exciting to have not just psychiatrists, but exam actors, medical nursing educationalists, nursing colleagues and occupational therapists as part of the conference. This is the start of making the AUTP the home for any professional, with an interest in psychiatric medical education, providing conferences, education, a place to share ideas and network. It was really exciting to start putting this into practice!

The first speaker was the influential Prof Femi Oyebode, professor of psychiatry at Birmingham University and author of Sims’ Symptoms in the Mind. He shared his personal journey of his career in medical education, and thoughts about what he wished he had known. He gave very interesting insights into the history and developments of teaching structures e.g. workplace-based placements and now established formal educational roles for doctors. It was fascinating to hear how much change there has been in the last few decades.

Following Prof Oyebode, we were lucky to hear from Dr Hamid Alhaj. Dr Alhaj is a consultant psychiatrist, director of medical education in Sheffield and also the Director of  Research for the National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care. He gave us an excellent talk on the importance of medical leadership and how this interacts with medical education.

Finally, before lunch, the Purple List gave us a performance of their widely acclaimed play, “A gay dementia venture”. Apart from being incredibly thought provoking and hard hitting, it is a unique example of bringing theatre into medical education, as HYMS have done. This truly innovative new teaching method has received brilliant feedback from medical students.

After lunch, one of our prestigious AUTP scholars, Dr Emma Brooks, presented her progress and questions around her project on running simulation sessions for psychiatric emergency teaching. This stimulated lots of interesting discussion, ideas and feedback from the room, including thoughts on use of video simulation and patients with lived experience. It was great to hear this update and on how the project is taking form!

Surg Lt Cdr Luke Baker then led a session on what the delegates want from the AUTP as we develop the charity and continue the relaunch. This was a great session generating plenty of enthusiasm and new ideas including: suggestions for engagement; methods of sharing good practice e.g. displaying posters at conferences; saving a stand at Congress; and linking with other organisations; to name a few! We will certainly be taking these forward!

The final session before the AGM, was small group workshops on how different groups can be used to teach in psychiatry. The groups were medical students, doctors, allied health professionals and patients. Each small group discussed the pros and cons, and then presented their thoughts to the rest of the conference in the form of a 5-minute teaching session. We enjoyed watching one group put across their discussion points in the form of role play! The session led to a really interesting and lively discussion.

We received some initial feedback about what delegates took away and enjoyed the most…

“Huge passion for education of all health professionals”

“Networking and learning from others and the Purple List!”

“Everyone joining in – lively debate”

We are busy working on the next conference for May or June, so please send us any suggestions and keep checking this website for more information!

Trainee conference Sept 2018

Successful AUTP trainee conference

On the 29th September 2018 AUTP Trainees held their inaugural conference at the Wellcome Trust (London). It launched a conference series that continues into 2019 with the aims of creating a national network of trainees and increasing the profile of the AUTP charity. We hope to provide a forum for trainees with a passion for psychiatry medical education to meet, learn and share ideas (at a very low cost!).

21 delegates attended from across the country and we heard from 8 excellent speakers. An authority in medical education, Dr Teif Davies (AUTP Chair) shared his experience and a varied panel with Dr Maurice Lipsedge (retired Psychiatrist), Dr Sophie Butler (Medical Education Fellow), Dr Luke Baker (PTC Secretary) and Mao Lim (medical student) interacted with twitter and the audience to make us think about what makes a good teacher of psychiatry.


An innovation in medical education ‘PitStop Psychiatry’ was presented by Dr Jigna Patel and Dr Adam Balkham. Just before lunch an interactive workshop lead by Prof Nisha Dogra (AUTP Treasurer) got us to question our assumptions and relate the concept of diversity to medical education.


This conference also saw the beginning of the AUTP Scholarship scheme which sees trainees receive mentorship and financial support for their psychiatry education projects across the country. In a session that many said was the highlight of the day we heard 9 short presentations proposing education projects. These provoked a lot of excitement and discussion and only after a lot of deliberation (all the presenters were fantastic) 5 successful scholars were chosen. You can read more about their projects on our website. We rounded off the day with some theoretical work, thinking in groups about different modalities of teaching and how we can use this in our practice.


All in all we thought the day was a success, don’t just believe us though. This is what delegates had to say….

“I loved the opportunity to meet/network with other people passionate about teaching psychiatry and share ideas”
“Very open, collaborative format with flow of ideas between people of all levels of training”
“I really enjoyed the diversity lecture. Real food for thought”
“ Feel inspired to teach and create teaching – thanks”